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4Fach XXL Standard Wheat v1.1.2.4

By: Modell: Giants SoftwareTextur: Giants SoftwareIdee / Konzept: Giants Software, Fire Modding, ATK Simon, MSM ModdingTester: Fire Modding, ATK Simon, MSM ModdingSonstige: Fire Modding, ATK Simon, MSM Modding


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4Fach XXL Standard Wheat v1.1.2.4 Hello everyone, Today we want the Fire Modding Team to offer you a 4-compartment XXL card, the card has a large courtyard in the middle and contains 4 torn large fields in the cultivated state. Unfortunately, in V it is not possible to sell or configure vehicles directly from the shop. This is only possible via the shop menu (P). Unfortunately there will be no sales outlets as well, because they also cause problems, but we do not want to withhold the card from you and would like to offer it to you in V P.S: If you don't want the card, you don't need to load it! You can save yourself stupid comments!

Version wheat
Moddesc version adapted to the game version (not mandatory)
- Fixed the bug that the straw tray did NOT work
- The yield of straw was increased because the standard is too little (almost no yield)
- The grain yield has been increased

Since we are currently completely in the modding again and the time to determine the map completely on the yield amount, we ask you if this is not enough for us to tell us, we will change it accordingly!

There will also be another version with the following types of fruit:
- wheat
- barley
- oats
- rapeseed
-          Corn
- sugar cane
- sugar beet
- potatoes
- soybeans
- cotton
- Poplars
- Oil radish (only suitable for cultivating!)
-          Grass
- The fields are already fertilized
- We would like to point out: This is V, so errors can also occur after extensive tests, please describe errors exactly so that we can fix them as soon as possible, wishes will be accepted if possible! We hope you like the card!

Maps 4Fach XXL Standard Wheat v1.1.2.4 Maps 4Fach XXL Standard Wheat v1.1.2.4