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HUD Smart Shade v1.5.1.0

By: ViperGTS96


Downloads: 28

Size: 24.99 KB

Category: Other

License: All Rights Reserved


HUD Smart Shade v1.5.1.0 Sets the top-right HUD information to black during day time, and back to white during the night.

ChangeLog v1.5.0.0:
-Option to use a background instead of a secondary color via the "hudConfig.xml".
-Background can include a yellow bar along the bottom to match the HUD. (Optional via the "hudConfig.xml").
-Set both colors to your liking via the "hudConfig.xml".

ChangeLog v1.5.0.1:
- Issue fixed: Display of background when menu is active.

ChangeLog v1.5.1.0:
- Issue fixed: Background width adjusted and now adjusts if there is more than 1 Weather Icon.

Other HUD Smart Shade v1.5.1.0 Other HUD Smart Shade v1.5.1.0