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Village Yagodnoe (Seasons Ready) v2.5.0

By: Alexey Potanin


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Category: Maps

License: All Rights Reserved


Village Yagodnoe (Seasons Ready) v2.5.0 The “Village of Yagodnoye” card was created on the basis of real area, on the other hand, where the author was lucky and grew up in the Perevozsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region.
- There are 65 fields on the map; - There are animals; - Various industries; - Russian traffic; - Support for fashion seasons. Factories are bought and activated with the purchase of the site. Also note that there is a trigger for sale and a trigger for production! Products from the production are transported to Zil Pak from the Dwaz brigade! Changes v2.4.5 from 07/29/19: - Fixed bugs with textures.
Current changes:
1. Installed 35 factories. Some of them require construction.
2. Added crops grown Hops and Flax.
3. In enterprises it is now possible to choose what they will work on: diesel fuel or coal.
4. For the operation of all enterprises, the delivery of workers from the railway station or from the bus station is required.
5. A coal mine has been added to the map.
6. Added point where you can buy coal.
7. A coal deposit has been added where coal and salt can be mined from the ground with one's own hand.
8. Slightly balanced prices.
9. Adapted to the new version (Season Mod v.
10. Added a lot of scenery to the map.
11. Minor changes and bug fixes.
12. Most stores and points of sale have their own mode of operation.
13. The quarry is altered and can produce gravel with sand.
v2.4.5: - The map is adapted for the season mod; - Added production: flour mill, sugar factory, cereal factory, bakery, oil extraction plant, grain cleaning; - On the basis of number 1 grain cleaning now works, not like on previous versions; - A little tweaked trifles; - The workshop on base 1 has been changed, the trigger has been increased, now the repair of large equipment is possible.

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