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Scania P410 X HLF v1.0

By: Ich möchte mich einmal an alle Modder bedanken die Grunbasis für die Ls 19 Feuerwehr Fahrzeuge gemacht haben.dazu gehören: Tschizack,BLM, JulianHD, manu11002,Ls19Feuerwehr Modding,MXND,FMFS,fire-technology, Marc85, J112J, OcciRS LS-Fire-Design Pol


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Size: 229.60 MB

Category: Trucks

License: All Rights Reserved


Scania P410 X HLF v1.0 Brief Description Of The Ziegler HLF 20:

Vehicle Technical Data:
DIN: 14530-27
Wheelbase: 4,300 Mm
Engine Power: 320 HP
Perm. Total Mass: 18,000 Kg
Vehicle Dimensions (Lxwxh): 9,000 X 2,500 X 3,300 Mm
Cabin / Crew: Z-Cab 1/8
Pump Type: FPN 10-2000
Fire Water Tank: 2,400 L
Foam Agent Container: 120 L

Alufire3 Structure
Rapid Attack Reel Normal Pressure (Decoration Only)
2 Breathing Apparatus In The Team Room
Ziegler Warning System In LED
Light Mast, Pneumatic With 8 X 24 V LED Headlights (Decoration Only)
Rotzler Treibmatic Rope Winch 5,000 Kg (Decoration Only)
Chain Saw (Still Under Construction)
Hygiene Board (Decoration Only)
Water And Foam Monitor With Automatic Lifting Device (Decoration Only)
(Rear View Camera) Still Under Construction
Extensive Additional Loading According To Tactical Needs Num: 6
Martinshorn By Key: N Can Be Switched On

I Would Like To Thank All Modders Who Made The Base For The Ls 19 Fire Brigade Vehicles.
These Include: Tschizack, BLM, Julianhd, Manu11002, Ls19 Fire Department Modding, MXND, FMFS, Fire-Technology, Marc85, J112J, Occirs LS-Fire-Design Polarstern
This Is An Upgrade From FS17. The Mod Is Not Mine. I Only Converted It For FS19.
I Hope You Enjoy The Ziegler HLF 20

Trucks Scania P410 X HLF v1.0 Trucks Scania P410 X HLF v1.0