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ITS Winter Pack

This pack is in development.

Update Snowblower for ALL
- add's the Kahlbacher snowblower for the 3-point attachers
- many fixes and optimizing on the KFS1050:
--> better synchronise visual "pipe effect" and "pipe-tip-point"
--> optimizing trailer loading with pipe
--> all bulk can now blow away (visible in shop)
--> add ejection effect for all bulk
--> better high adjustment (roller/runner) for pro-versions
--> add hydraulic high adjustment for KFS 1050 Syn pro
--> improved: handling on big heaps/deep snow

not needed but recommended: Seasons-Mod and Syn Trac

This package contains:

Syn Trac + Springer: Saltspreader
- Price: 38.000 €
- workwidth: 2 - 8 m
- Tankvolume: 3.500 l
- Spread angle adjustment

Kahlbacher Snowblower "KFS1050"
- Price: 75.000 €
- workwidth: 3 m
- Blower range (tower): max. 20 m
- Blower range (direct): ~ 40 m
- full Towercontrol or trailer autoload
--> 2 Version for Syn Trac: pro and arcade
--> 2 Version for 3-point: pro and arcade