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Tractor Triangle Pack v1.1.0.1

By: Gamer8250


Downloads: 48

Size: 18.60 MB

Category: Other

License: All Rights Reserved


Tractor Triangle Pack v1.1.0.1 Tractor Triangle Pack

Contain: Tractor triangle, Suer 400KG, 2 self-made weights
Function: You can also attach special models with the tractor triangle. Otherwise, the triangle serves as a decoration object for the tractor.
Price: 550 €

Updates in v1.1.0.0
-2 new Weights (Armatrac 450KG, John Deere Triangle Weight)
-Tractor Triangle has got color choice
-Lizard Selfmade 1000KG attacherJoint customized

Updates in v1.1.0.1
-Fixed collision bugs
-Stoppictures revised
-Lizard 400KG weight revised
-Normal map adapted from the tug triangle
-John Deere Weight got color choice

Updates in v1.2.0.0
-Normal Maps revised
-Power Take Offs added (FastCoupler) (suitable for modders)

Other Tractor Triangle Pack v1.1.0.1 Other Tractor Triangle Pack v1.1.0.1