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Zetor Proxima Power 100/120 v1.1

By: Radichkov


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Zetor Proxima Power 100/120 v1.1 V 1.1:
- Fixed issue with exhaust smoke position
- Fixed issue with wheels hubs and three point hitch upper links - now they are black to match the chassis color
- Added dashboard and side instrument panel illumination when lights are switched on
- Fixed warning of possible performance issue in the log
- Other small fixes
V 1.0:
- Real engine sounds from FS17
- Real working front suspension!
- Animated trailer hitches. When using one hitch the other disappear. When attaching trailer to front trailer hitch the front three point hitch arms and top link disappear as well.
- Added choice of engines: Proxima Power 100 and Proxima Power 120. The decals on the bonnet are changing accordingly.
- Tire configurations: standard, wide (standard in FS17), narrow, twin narrow back
- Dynamic hoses
- Standard price is 40 000 EUR
- Tractor is washable
Special credits to GIANTS for the i3d model and to Slava_102Rus for the lights.

Tractors Zetor Proxima Power 100/120 v1.1 Tractors Zetor Proxima Power 100/120 v1.1