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JOHN DEERE 8X00/8X10 v2.0

By: Ytion


Downloads: 135

Size: 33.79 MB

Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


JOHN DEERE 8X00/8X10 v2.0 Hello! I come to you with my new John Deere 8X10 SERIES mod! I spent a few weeks improving the model, new animations,configurations and reprogramming. I hope you like it.
Update V2:
* New design configuration
* Full Interactive Control (All doors and windows)
* New Real dirt texture
* 8 engine versions (8100,8200,8300,8400,8110,8210,8310,8410)
* Warning signs
* New Configurations wheels
* Configuration (front weight / front hydraulics)
* Movable joystick
* And much more..
Price: 72000€
Power: 179-270 hp