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ZETOR FORTERRA HD 130/150 v1.2

By: Radichkov


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ZETOR FORTERRA HD 130/150 v1.2 Initially this was a side project, but the result was good, so I decided to share it as a new version.
Special credits to FS17 modder Lii whos work made this possible in FS19.
V 1.2:
- Cab suspension
- Seat suspension
- Hood and side panel illumination when lights are on
- Working front and rear wipers
V 1.1:
- In-store engine choice: In V1.0 when purchasing Forterra HD 150 you were actualy getting the desired engine power but this was not visible in the store, because the indicated power on the information bar was not changing from 127 HP to 147 HP. In version 1.1 this is fixed.
- Front right fender end rotation: In V1.0 the right fender was rotating till the end wheel rotation when steering to the right. In version 1.1 this issue is fixed and now the fender stops its rotation at some point while the wheel continue to steer.
V 1.0:
- Real engine sounds from FS17
- Real working front suspension! It took quite a lot of time to do it, but finally it is done!
- Animated trailer hitches. When using one hitch the other disappear. When attaching trailer to front trailer hitch the front three point hitch arms and top link disappear as well.
- Added choice of engines: Forterra HD 130 and Forterra HD 150. The decals on the bonnet are changing accordingly.
- Tire configurations: standard, wide (standard in FS17),twin, narrow, twin narrow
- Front loader configuration
- Dynamic hoses
- Standard price is 65 000 EUR
- Tractor is washable
Special credits to GIANTS for the i3d model and to Slava_102Rus for the lights.

Tractors ZETOR FORTERRA HD 130/150 v1.2 Tractors ZETOR FORTERRA HD 130/150 v1.2