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Dreiseithof placeable v1.0

By: Modell: STEYR Modding TeamTextur: STEYR Modding Team/Giants Software/BernieSCSScript: Giants SoftwareIdee / Konzept: STEYR Modding TeamTester: STEYR Modding TeamSonstige: Stallfenster, Tore, Türen, Beleuchtung, Futter


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Dreiseithof placeable v1.0 Hello, here is the LS19 version of the LS15 times in the GE zusammengebastelten farm in the typical shape as it is common in the region Mühlviertel (Upper Austria).
The farm is ideal for smaller farms (up to 30 dairy cows) and smaller vehicles (tractors).
If you want to drive through the barn with feed mixers, a small agile tractor is recommended or a self-propelled feed mixer. Also for the manure is a smaller / compact tractor advantageous or a small Hoftrac / Hoflader.

Price. 150 000 €
Capacity: 30 cows
Gates animated
Lighting: (stable, garage, garage above)
Access ramp to the hayloft and to the upper garages + garage installed below
Feed trigger, water trigger and straw trigger in the stable
Cows go from the stable to the pasture and back
when passing from the stable to the pasture, two gates installed to drive through (also open)
new stable windows installed
Base plate (asphalt) installed at the yard (for better / easier placement)

A big THANK YOU to BernieSCS for releasing the gates, stall windows, lighting, futertrog ect from the cowshed from the "MW Plazierbarer Hof" -Pack.

Have fun with the placeable yard :)

Objects Dreiseithof placeable v1.0 Objects Dreiseithof placeable v1.0