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ICRF Reloaded Map For 1.36.x

By: tanvir


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Presenting the ICRF Reloaded 0.1 Map. It is a standalone map. This map is based on Indonesia Country Road Fever. I made compatible on 1.36 (DX11). This is a realistic map of Indonesia.This map contains 3 cities of Indonesia connected by 1:1 narrow roads with full of beautiful road side view. Download link is given below..

Change log:
-2 cities connected by 2:2 highway roads,
-1:1 hairpin bend road with full of beautiful roadside
-New companies, -New advertisement posters,
-New city,
-One big bus station,
-Extra parking places,
-Extra truck dealers & garages

Author: Adie (Indonesia)
Editor: Imtiaz (Bangladesh)
Reloaded: jky5 players (India)
Converted(1.36) :Alice (Bangladesh)

maps ICRF Reloaded Map For 1.36.x maps ICRF Reloaded Map For 1.36.x


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