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Leipzig Map Expansion v0.3.0

By: Shadowplay


Downloads: 17

Size: 14.91 MB

Category: Maps

License: All Rights Reserved


Leipzig Map Expansion v0.3.0 This is my first map I am building. I’m still very new to it and hope you like it.
It’s not compatible with Promods.
Expansion Map for Leipzig
All Expansion DLC’s required
Update Version 0.3.0:
– updated for version 1.37
– added a gas station to the south of Norrfood company
– somes fixes to objects
Update Version 0.2.3:
– some changes near Norrfood company
– fixed some signs
– fixed grass popping out from Norrfood company
– placed a missing barrier at Norrfood company
Update Version 0.2.2:
– some bugfixes
Update Version 0.2.1:
– do some fixes to the speed limits
– Norrfood company has some little changes
– size increased to 15 MB
Version: 1.37
Credits: Shadowplay