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Realistic Rain & Thunder Sounds v2.3.2 1.37

By: Kass


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Size: 21.56 MB

Category: Other

License: All Rights Reserved


Realistic Rain & Thunder Sounds v2.3.2 1.37 Changelog v2.3.2
* Fixed Other Issues
* Wind Sound fixed (hopefully)
Changelog v2.3
Update for 1.37
Changelog v2.2
Several fog and rain settings
Fog Intensity Settings
Raindrops fixed
* Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.36.x
* Realistic Thunder Sounds.
* Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck.
* Realistic Rain Drops And Windshield Effects.
* Realistic Rain
* Realistic Rain Effects
* Realistic Rain Sounds
* Realistic Rain Intensity (Light Rain To Heavy Rain)
* Realistic Water (E.g: Sea & Rivers, Lakes, Beach etc)
* Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)